Gear Swap


Image by Kelly Lynch


While we began with a general idea of wanting to re-envision the e-commerce space and we wanted to source ideas from others to see what they wanted in not only a site or application providing outdoor gear, but what would inspire trustworthiness in such a company. For speed, we used a quick survey to gather data asking to primary questions:

  • What is your favorite online shopping experience and why?
  • Is there a site where you feel that you can trust the other users? If so, what aspects of that site enables that trust?
Value proposition for Gear Swap
Three proto-personas created based on potential user survey


We drew on a wide range of sites for inspiration for the ideas we synthesized from what was expressed by respondents in our initial survey.

Sketches from the team on a map feature, a product listing, and a user profile

Prototype and Testing

Our first step in our prototype was to develop our user flow with Whimsical, so that we could establish which screens were crucial to develop for the experience we wanted to convey in our design.

High-fidelity screens from the Gear Swap prototype
Affinity map for first round of user testing
Heat maps from user testing via Useberry
Affinity map for second round of user testing


Video of run through the map, message, and listing features



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